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RCFF Programs and Services

Most programs are very low cost. The Resource Center for Fathers & Families does not deny entry to anyone who is unable to pay for services. If other financial arrangements need to be made, discuss alternatives with Arnie Engelby at 763-783-4938.

  • 24/7 DAD Program
  • In association with the National Fatherhood Initiative based in Washington D.C., the RCFF is presenting the NFI-developed 24/7DAD Program. This 12-week class will explore topics crucial to healthy parenting, including:
    • Family of Origin
    • Masculinity
    • Understanding Yourself
    • Handling and Expressing Emotions
    • Spirituality
    • Physical and Mental Health
    • Fathering and Family Roles
    • Fathering and Culture
    • Discipline, Rewards and Punishment
    • Expectations and Children's Development
    • Balancing Work and Family
    • Getting Involved with your Children

    Men interested in the program should call the RCFF office at 763-783-4938 to register.

    Informational Family Law Clinics

    Family Law Clinics are hosted by a facilitator and conducted by a family law attorney who advises fathers about their concerns regarding divorce, paternity, custody, child support and related issues.

    Call for schedule and to register: 763-783-4938.

    Anger Management/Domestic Violence Courses for men

    Courses for men are a 25 week, open course desighned to help men who are struggling to understand and deal effectively with anger, rage, intimidation and control issues. It is a teaching and group process of helping men lean to harness the energy of anger in a constructive way in order to engage positively in the challenges of their lives. AN INTAKE INTERVIEW IS REQUIRED. call 763-783-4938.

    Anger Management/Domestic Violence Aftercare

    Anger/abuse programming doesn't end at 25 weeks. Aftercare gives members a chance to continue to manage their anger and stop abusive behaviors. Men will have more time to address individual issues in recovery.

    For information or to register, call 763-783-4938.

    Support Groups for Fathers

    Support groups are led by facilitators who aid single, married, and divorced fathers who want to meet other men to discuss issues related to parenting and partnering in raising their children.

    For more information, call 763-783-4938.

    Step Parenting Course

    Step Parenting Course is for couples in a relationship with children from a previous relationship or marriage. It is a 10-session course, 1-1/2 hours per session, covering how relationships work, the pitfalls of perils of step parenting, the rules of engagement, conflict, and working together. Maximum six couples, minimum three.

    For information or to register, call 763-783-4938 .

    Faith Based Marriage Counseling

    Interview plus 14 weeks. call 763-783-4938 to register or for mor information

    The Relationship Course

    This course is based on Erik Erikson's eight stages of human development and teaches both men and women, married and single, with or without a partner, how human development and relationships work, their purpose, their form, and how to create healthy relationships.

    For information or to register, call 763-783-4938 .

    Fathers' Crisis Line - 763-783-4938

    This is a telephone crisis reponse program from 9 am to 4:30 pm, five days a week, to aid in getting help to fathers in crisis. The service will make referrals to both programs of the Resource Center for Fathers & Families as well as outside appropriate services.