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Moving into the new millennium

There are a number of resources for fathers to provide help. These resources can range from parenting guides, financial assistance for single fathers, relationship advice and more.

One of the biggest questions fathers often have relates to financial issues. Seeing as times are tough in the year 2014 for many families, there's a lot of questions about how to make ends meet. To help with those questions, we've included a resource list for fathers at the bottom of this page with some links to some resource article for fathers.

Being a father is tough! And sometimes, it can be a lonely and daunting path to take. As men, we often don't feel we have anyone to lean on, that we have to go it alone. But this is NOT the case. The phrase, 'no man is an island' is true. Don't let pride stand in the way of getting the help you need -- be it financial, spiritual, emotional, or relationship advice!


General Parenting Resources: We recommend you look at SingleMoms.org, which although is aimed at single mothers, the advice can also apply to men (specifically single dads or simply fathers looking to make ends meet for their family).

Paying for School issues / Financial Aid-- we recommend looking at scholarshipfordads.net

Parenting Help and Child Pyschology : http://www.apa.org

The Resource Center for Fathers & Families, with three offices in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan area, has created programs designed to enhance the role of fathers in full parenthood and full partnership in parenting their children.



The vision of the Resource Center for Fathers & Families is children with both fathers and mothers active in their lives as parents and as partners in parenting.

The mission of the Resource Center for Fathers & Families is to provide resources that will help men become better parents and better parenting partners regardless of marital status, and to provide the model that all children deserve. As a result, communities, families, the familyís economy and society in general will benefit.

The Center is a non-profit 501(c)3 family service agency and believes strongly that win/win in the parenting partnership is the only way that children and their entire family, no matter its form, can thrive.


Thanks to our funders

Funding in part comes to the Resource Center for Fathers & Families from: McKnight Foundation, Otto Bremer Foundation, UPS, Nash Foundation, Sams Club, Target, Pentair Foundation, ECM Publishing, Inc., Boston Scientific, Parsons Electric Co., Minnesota Bar, Walmart, Hugh J. Anderson Foundation, Michael Foods, Inc., and private donations both monetary and in-kind.
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